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Basic knowledge

Multiple Scanning Modes

        Sanying enjoys a complete CT product line and has developed a variety of scanning modes to apply to various different testing requirements.

        In micro CT and industrial CT equipment

         On the basis of the conventional circular trajectory scanning, such equipment is equipped with a variety of scanning modes, which greatly broadens the detection range of samples

■    The partial focusing scanning mode can achieve high-resolution imaging of large samples



■    The offset scanning mode can expand the imaging area of the detector and expand the imaging range


■    The spiral scanning mode can achieve overall high-resolution imaging for threadlike samples



       For planar CT and online AXI products, CL (Computed Laminography) scanning mode (also known as Planar Computed Tomography (PCT)) is adopted. This scanning mode can realize ultrafast scanning, which is suitable for 3D imaging of flat sample without being limited by the length, width and size of the sample.

                                                                                                CL scanning diagram


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