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multiscaleVoxel-1000 is suitable for industrial CT systems for detecting medium and large size, medium and high-density components

The multiscaleVoxel-1000 features a large scanning area and strong X-ray penetrating ability, and is capable of large workpieces testing. It is suitable for CT testing of large and medium-sized castings, welding parts and composite materials in the aerospace and automotive industries, as well as large-sized rocks and high-density metal archaeological relics.
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Features and Advantages

●   High voltage X-ray source with strong penetrating ability to high density metal

●   Flat panel detectors and linear array detectors to meet diversified testing needs

●   Spiral scanning and offset scanning to further expand imaging area

●   Simple scanning process, rapid reconstruction of imaging and programmable scanning process to ensure the consistency and convenience of batch sample testing

●   Dedicated algorithm to enhance image clarity and obtains high-quality image quality





X-ray source

Tube type





Focal spot size*

0.7mm @0.7kW

2.0mm @1.5kW

0.4mm @0.7kW

1.0mm @1.5kW

 Detector (Flat panel)**

Imaging area


Pixel matrix



Maximum size

 800mm×1100mm(diameter × height)

Maximum weight




 3700mm×2300mm×2800mm(length × width × height)



    Hardware and software can be configured according to requirements

    Focal spot size*: Conforms to EN 12543

    Other optional sizes, such as 400mm×400mm, 302mm×249mm etc.

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