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Oil & Gas Geology CT scanning is an important method for building digital cores

The global demand for energy is increasing year by year, and there is an urgent need to increase the recovery rate of oil and gas and coalbed methane, especially for resources in low permeability reservoirs. The exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas has become a hot spot for exploration and development at home and abroad. Combined with high-resolution CT scanning technology, the microscopic features of reservoir rocks can be digitized, to provide assistance in overcoming key scientific and technological issues in the field of unconventional oil and gas.
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Using X-ray CT technology, people can quickly and accurately analyze the particle shape and structure size of the reservoir layer, including the physical properties of special rock formations such as carbonate rock, igneous rock, mudstone, and coal seams.

The accurate calculation of the shape and size of the pores and throats in the reservoir reveals the way of oil and gas accumulation and migration. It also effectively analyzes the distribution and characteristics of fractures in the rock, accurately determines the saturation distribution of the reservoir rock core, accurately quantifies the pore connectivity, and guides a reasonable mining plan.

The seepage path and permeability are simulated to make scientific judgments for reservoir capacity. At the same time, displacement experiment can be combined to observe the characteristics of seepage distribution and reveal the degree of heterogeneous change of pore structure.

In the study of remaining oil in porous media, continuous scanning of different displacement stages and different remaining oil modes is carried out to effectively extract the three-dimensional distribution of pores and remaining oil inside the reservoir, and truly reflect the pore-throat structure and oil-water distribution characteristics of the reservoir.


  • Porosity and mineral distribution of granite
  • Coal fissure extraction
  • Seepage simulation
  • Seepage simulation
  • Distribution of carbonate fractures
  • Oil bearing sandstone
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