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Lithium Battery Clearly knowing battery defects, X-ray CT escorts lithium battery safety

As lithium batteries are widely used in consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, military products, aviation products and other fields, their safety performance has attracted much attention. X-ray CT technology is used in all stages of the lithium battery production process, from raw materials to single batteries, modules, packs, etc., to analyze various defects and escort the safety of lithium batteries.
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The X-ray CT technology performs three-dimensional characterization of lithium battery pole pieces, displays the three-dimensional structure of electrode materials, and analyzes the compacted density of pole pieces.

Inner defects of button batteries, cylindrical batteries, quadrate aluminum shell batteries, soft pack batteries, and other single cell batteries, such as poor alignment of pole pieces, fractures of pole piece, pole piece wrinkles and deformations, welding porosity defects, etc.; and analysis of structural changes during battery life span.


  • Cylindrical battery
  • Positive pole piece
  • Positive pole piece
  • Prismatic battery
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