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We have rich experience in various types of X-ray CT products. Our applicable sample sizes range from millimeters to meters. Our samples have been widely used in many fields such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, casting, oil and gas, geotechnical, materials, and biology. We can provide manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic testing solutions, and can also develop customized X-ray systems according to the special needs of users to fully meet your various testing needs.

Micro CT

Micro CT (also known as X-ray 3D microscope) usually uses a micro-nano focus X-ray source with a resolution of micron or sub-micron, and is widely used in scientific research and high-end manufacturing.

Industrial CT

Industrial CT usually uses a high power X-ray source, with strong penetrating ability, and is mainly used in quality inspection, failure analysis and reverse design in product manufacturing.

Metrology CT

Metrology CT (also known as X-ray CMM, industrial CT CMM, etc.) can solve the problems of dimensional and geometric tolerance measurement, porosity statistics, wall thickness analysis, assembly accuracy measurement, mold correction, and reverse design of hidden parts inside the product.

Horizontal CT

Horizontal CT is suitable for the detection of slender samples, such as full diameter rock cores, trunks, propellants, etc. (Note: This product is an upgraded version of the original Geoscan full rock core CT)

X-ray planner CT

X-ray planner CT is based on CL (Computed Laminography) scanning method, and equipped with fast 3D reconstruction algorithm, for 3D tomographic imaging. It can meet the non-destructive detection requirements of PCB, IGBT and other plate-shaped samples, and be used to observe the tomographic images at specific height positions.

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