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metroVoxel metroVoxel’s high-precision three-dimensional measurement and analysis realize non-destructive analysis and full-scale measurement inside the product.

Industrial measurement is changing from traditional external measurement to internal non-destructive analysis and full-scale measurement. Relying on tomography and advanced measurement analysis software, in non-destructive cases, X-ray CT technology uses two-dimensional tomographic images or three-dimensional images to clearly, accurately and intuitively display the internal structure, material composition and defect status of the tested object. Metrology CT is a CT system with high measurement precision, also known as an X-ray three-coordinate measurement system. With the help of Sanying's precise metrology CT technology, you can successfully obtain all internal and external structures and measure dimensions with only one scan.

Features and Advantages

●   Grating ruler closed cycle control system

●   Granitic base to guarantee the temperature stability

●   Less running axles to ensure a long-term high precision

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