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Casting Injection Molding CT scan gives a clear view of internal defects

As an important product manufacturing technology, castings and injection molding processes are widely used in many fields such as automobiles, aerospace, ships, etc. As the requirements for dimensional accuracy and defect control become more and more stringent, the role of X-ray CT is irreplaceable. At the same time, CT scanning can test defects in the blanks in advance, which can help companies avoid subsequent processing and manufacturing procedures and save costs for companies.
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Non-destructive testing of casting and injection products is performed to obtain visualization data of their internal three-dimensional spatial structure, which can visually observe the location of defects and provide the most direct data for improving the process flow.

A variety of “porosity” calculations (areal porosity, volumetric porosity, pore size distribution, etc.) can be carried out for pore defects. Through the volume ratio of defects, it can be directly judged whether the product meets the standard, saving the workload of subsequent destructive tests. Non-destructive testing can quantitatively measure the thickness of each characteristic structure and key position in the 3D CT volume data to judge whether the product quality is qualified.

Corresponding morphological parameters can be calculated for each pore or crack, including volume, equivalent diameter, current factor, etc. These all-round data can provide a quantitative reference standard for each detail difference in the casting process.

The tested CT volume data can be used for contour extraction, and the size of the design drawing model can be directly matched with the contour obtained by the test result to judge the size error.


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