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Archaeology & Museology The 3D holographic information can be seen, with the precious cultural relics and fossils wholly intact

The research objects of archaeological relics are extremely precious, unique and nonrenewable. So Nondestructive testing methods are preferred for analysis. The X-ray CT testing features a high-resolution and 3D depiction for the inner structure of a sample, which helps researchers accurately grasp its structure.
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Scanning the inner structure of cultural relics or fossils to observe the relative positions of the inner parts helps researchers deduce the evolution history and restore the natural and social features at that time.

The X-ray CT testing can help determine the inner corrosion of cultural relics and evaluate the remediation effect.

Meanwhile, the 3D CT imaging technology can also help conduct in-depth researches on the microfossils/fossils of animals and plants in ancient times, observe the 3D structure inside the fossils, overturn the existing inferences about some organisms, and refresh our understanding about the biological evolution history.


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  • Dinosaur skulls fossil
  • Dinosaur skulls fossil


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