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Teeth CT scanning data helps dentistry find better treatment options for dental diseases

The importance of stomatology in people's daily life is gradually increasing. Researchers' knowledge of tooth structure is the basis for improving treatment plans. CT scans can quickly and comprehensively provide 3D images, as well as the combination with other 3D model technologies. Sanying’s X-ray 3D micro CT imaging system can be used to determine the direction and length of cracks in the teeth and the filling conditions of the fillers in dental caries with nondestructive conditions. At the same time, a 3D digital model of the teeth can be quickly created from the CT scanning data.
Sanying Precision- industrial CT-X-ray


The data of the direction, length and depth of the inner cracks of cracked teeth provides a strong basis for determining the pathological changes of teeth.

In order to select the best filling material and optimize filling technologies, it is necessary to observe the filling conditions of dental caries filled by different materials and determine the leakproofness of filled materials of dental caries.


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