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nanoVoxel-4000 Tube-opened and Reflection-type High-penetration CT System

The nanoVoxel-4000 system can be equipped with a micro-focus X-ray source up to 300KV and ensure high-precision testing performance under the condition of sample penetration, suitable for high-resolution testing requirements for large-size, medium- to high-density samples.
Sanying Precision industrial CT

Features and Advantages

●   High resolution and high penetrating ability

●   Sample stage with large load-bearing

●   Multiple scanning modes: spiral, offset, limited angle and others

●   Excellent expandability





Spatial resolution*


X-ray source

Tube type

Open, Reflection


   300KV / 240KV / 225KV / 190KV / 160KV

 Detector (Flat panel)

Imaging area


Pixel matrix



Maximum size

   600mm×550mm(diameter × height)

Maximum weight




   2770mm×1440mm×2040mm(length × width × height)



 *Spatial resolution measured with resolution chart

▲  Configurable hardware and software according to demands.


Attachment Extension


In situ 4D imaging

Combined with in-situ mechanics and temperature loading devices, 4D CT imaging is realized.



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