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Electronics The integration level of electronic products is getting higher and higher, and the complex structure needs 3D detection more

With the increasing integration of electronic products and faster signal transmission, the distribution of the trace and vias on the PCB has become more and more complex, and the connection methods between chips have become more and more dense. The non-destructive X-ray CT testing method can obtain the true internal morphology, which is essential in the quality monitoring and failure analysis of the production process of electronic products.
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The non-destructive X-ray CT can analyze the uniformity of the copper plating thickness of the PCB through-holes, the broken defects of the PCB trace, and the drilling depth.

X-ray CT scanning can be performed for pores, cracks, and cold soldering in various components such as SMT process, BGA, QFN, QFP/SOP, flip chip, THT, press-fit pins, TSV, bonding wire, power semiconductor IGBT and MEMS.

Sanying provides a variety of solutions for the electronics industry. High-resolution micro CT products are mainly used for research and analysis. Planner CT can be used for rapid tomography and can be imported into the production line as a full on-line testing system.


  • Bonding Line
  • Camera lens assembly
  • BGA internal defect
  • Flexible Printed Circuit
  • Coil
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