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EFPscan-2000 is suitable for high-resolution and fast 3D tomography detection of large-area plate samples

EFPscan-2000 is a 3D X-ray testing system for PCBA and IGBT field. It adopts advanced Computed Laminography (CL) scanning mode and reconstruction algorithm and can be used off-line and on-line to test the whole plate. It is suitable for testing electronic devices such as BGA/LGA, pressfit connector, Flip chip, PoP, QFN, PTH and IGBT to find defects such as pores, open circuits, bridging, head-in-pillow, poor wetting, missing parts, and wrong parts inside the device.
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Features and Advantages

●   Fastest CT imaging of a FOV area completed in 5 seconds

●   Integrity and high resolution for large-sided plate sample

●   Programmable scanning process to simplify the workload of operators

●   Dedicated automatic identification algorithm to quantitatively count the defects inside the device


X-ray source



Digital flat panel detector



Substrate area


Substrate thickness


Substrate weight


X-ray protection


▲ Configurable hardware and software according to demands

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