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Computed tomography (CT) is a non-destructive testing (NDT) for samples and a key means of non-destructive evaluation (NDE). It can partially replace the traditional destructive sectioning detection method, realize the non-destructive section imaging in any direction. Moreover, the 3D structure can be observed and analyzed to reflect the inner structure of the sample more truly.

We are equipped with a laboratory for X-ray 3D CT equipment demonstration and testing services to continuously provide testing services for customers and help them solve various application requirements. So far, more than 15,000 samples have been analyzed and more than 4,000 testing reports have been provided for customers.

CT detection has gone beyond the scope of non-destructive testing in the traditional sense. In addition to detecting inner defects, it also enjoys unique advantages in dimension measurement, statistical analysis and simulated calculation.


Size Measurement

Statistical Analysis

Simulation Calculation


X-ray 2D imaging

CT tomographic 3D imaging

Slice section video

3D rendering video



Length measurement

Angle measurement

Volume calculation

Surface area calculation




Wall thickness analysis

Scan/CAD data comparison

reverse engineering



Seepage simulation in porous  media

Thermal conductivity simulation

Finite element calculation



                      Sample materials: carbon materials, polymers, ceramics, aluminum and magnesium light metals, iron and nickel heavy metals and other materials with different                                     densities

                      Sample sizes: samples with different sizes (0.1mm~1000mm)

                      Sample preparation: generally no special preparation requirements (no need to polish, dye and pre-treat)



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