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Geotechnical Engineering Observing the internal structure changes of rock and soil samples under in-situ loading is the basis for numerical simulation

Rock and soil are the main supporting bodies of roads, bridges, and housing constructions. During the deformation process, due to different stress properties, strengths, methods and environments, the evolution of the fabric property inside the project is different. Introducing advanced X-ray CT testing technology into geotechnical engineering for high-resolution and quantitative analysis is an effective way to solve problems that cannot be handled by traditional testing methods.
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High-resolution, lossless, 3D, quantitative, and refined imaging of rock and soil is performed to obtain various internal structural spatial information, including skeleton, matrix, fractures, and pores, so that the internal structure of rock and soil can be seen directly.

The three-dimensional quantitative characterization of rock and soil can be used for quantitative statistical analysis and spatial distribution analysis of various components, including various parameters such as the occupancy rate and occupied volume of various components, fractal dimension, etc. and the physical parameters of rock and soil can be provided.

When mechanical and temperature field loading test is performed on rock and soil, the CT intuitively reflects the evolution of the shape and physical parameters of the rock and soil before, during and after the change in the multi-field coupling condition, and provides the constitutive relation of the evolution of the rock and soil.

The three-dimensional digital modeling of rock and soil is realized therefore, laying a foundation for the digital research of rock and soil, and enabling simulation calculations of various mechanics on the basis of modeling.


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