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Training Courses

Equipment training is mainly in the form of lectures for our equipment users and sampling customers. The training includes:

●   Introduction to the principle of X-ray CT imaging

●   Basic operation of the equipment

●   3D data analysis

●   Routine maintenance and simple repairs of the equipment


In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your equipment, we provide regular maintenance services to improve the service life of the equipment. Maintenance items include:

●   Protective casing: radiation dose inspection

●   X-ray source: regular maintenance of the filament, vacuum, lubrication and heat dissipation

●   Detector: definition detection

●   Motion system: detection of each motion axes, turntable accuracy and motor working status

●   Software: necessary upgrades


We provide all kinds of accessories for the equipment, such as sample holder, filter, filament, collimator, in-situ loading (elongation and compression device), in-situ temperature control, etc.

Equipment Upgrade

We have rich experience in the development and production of X-ray CT equipment, and strive to provide excellent customized upgrade and transformation system for users. We can transform the existing old X-ray equipment for customers, and save the cost for customers to the maximum extent on the premise of achieving technical capacity upgrading. Typical upgrades include:

●  Two-dimensional real-time digital imaging (DR) upgraded to 3D computed tomography (CT)

●  Equipment performance improvement (such as resolution, scanning speed, etc.)

Equipment Leasing

We provide X-ray CT equipment rental services and professional engineers for on-site installation, commissioning and technical training. Corresponding technical support is provided for the equipment during the lease term in the process of using, and our company maintains the equipment on a regular basis, responds quickly to all failures, and provides perfect solutions.

Benefits of equipment rental to tenants:

(1) Fewer procurement expenses for low-utilization equipment;

(2) Professional equipment use and spares support;

(3) Accelerated equipment renewal to avoid backward technologies and reduce investment risks.

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