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Animal Experimental animals, bionic research and other studies need to use 3D CT as a non-destructive observation method

Life science is one of the hottest research directions now and in the future. The research of drugs and medical implant materials requires experiments on living animals and a comprehensive grasp of the internal structure change data of experimental animals. In addition, the internal structure of organisms cannot be designed by humans on drawings. For fields like bionics, it is also necessary to obtain the internal structure of real organisms. X-ray 3D CT testing technology is an ideal solution.
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Using the penetrating power of X-rays, two CT scans can be performed on the animal body before the experiment and the animal body after the experiment that drugs or implanted medical materials are used to obtain the changes in the internal three-dimensional space structure, which truly reflects the impact of the experimental program on the organism and is of great significance to medical research.

For bionic research, the original data tested by CT scan can be formatted and imported into other software such as drawing software for animal bionic design.


  • Leg of locust (CT data)
  • Leg of locust (STL data)
  • Scorpion´s calamistrum


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