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Materials Science 3D/4D CT allows researchers to jump out of the limitations of two-dimensional observation and understand materials in more dimensions

The development of materials science promotes the progress of many other scientific and technological fields, and the internal structure of those materials is the determinant of external performance. CT scanning is a non-destructive test that avoids the defects introduced by artificial processing of samples, and provides a basis for the appearance and expansion of internal defects of all-round in-situ test samples.
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With CT scanning, the three-dimensional space structure inside the material is visualized, and quantitative calculations are performed on various parameters such as pores and inclusions, to provide an important reference for various technological processes of material preparation. At the same time, the spatial distribution of multiple components inside the material can be constructed, and the relationship between the internal spatial structure and performance can be established.

CT scanning is suitable for the analysis of solid materials of various materials such as carbon fiber, polymer, ceramics, aluminum alloy, iron and copper, nickel, etc. as it can directly observe the spatial distribution of various characteristic structures and overcome the limitations of surface observation.

Quantitative calculations of various parameters of various characteristic structures such as pores and inclusions, including volume fraction, volume and equivalent diameter of each characteristic structure, etc. are carried out. As a result, comprehensive and reliable structure data information can provide an important reference for material research.


  • Carbon fiber
  • Resin matrix fiberglass composite
  • Carbon fiber braiding
  • Crack orientation of steel (impact test)
  • Biodegradable scaffold materials
  • Carbon fiber braid
  • Five layer fiberboard
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