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The installation and training of Micro-CT at Sejong Science and Technology Park Korea

date:2021-08-10 Writer:Sanying Precision

The installation of Sanying Micro-CT at Sejong Technopark in South Korea was successfully completed at the end of July. The equipment is a nanoVoxel-3000 high-resolution micro-CT with 500nm spatial resolution, and equipped with an in-situ environment loading device to realize 4D imaging. It is an ideal device to inspect inner structure, composition, defects and so on.

Sejong Science and Technology Park mainly provides technical services for universities, scientific research institutions, and high-tech companies. It is believed that Korean scientists and technicians will have a good experiment tool in researching and benefit from Sanying's micro-CT products.  

Korean customer conducted a comprehensive inspection of our company's product performance, R & D capacity, production qualifications, technical services, etc., supplier comparison, and finally chose our equipment. To keep promise of installation schedule, two engineers of our company travel to South Korea with the risk of the epidemic for installation, commissioning and training. They enjoy positive appraisal of specialty and responsibility from customers. We look forward to their safe return!



Training Site


Training Site


In the global high-tech competition environment, Sanying, as a model of China's high-resolution micro-CT expert, has been focusing on technological innovation and product capability improvement in the past decade. With the combined effect of product quality, technical services, and customer praise, Sanying’s foreign customer base continues to expand.

With the smooth delivery of Korean equipment, Sanying’s CT equipments have been successfully sold to six overseas countries and regions, which indicates Sanying has not only been widely recognized by domestic customers, but more and more foreign customers have begun to recognize our brand. We will also further strengthen the expansion of overseas markets through various forms of market promotion.

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